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Welcome to, the first checklists generator !

This site will allows you to create, design and print your own aviation checklist (aircraft, ulm, helicopter ...) customized from an existing generic checklist.
Once your checklist is created, simply choose how many checklists you want to order and they will be sent to you within a few days.
This site was designed for a wide range of pilots. From the student pilot up to chief pilots.

Description of checklists :

The checklists size are 3.6 x 8.8 inch.(9 x 22 cm) when closed
and 7.2 x 8.8 inch.(18 x 22) cm when opened.
They are printed with a very readable typeface.
They are segmented into categories : phases of flight, emergency,...
They are laminated for maximum strength.
They all have a "spiral" type of binding for an quick & easy reference.

A simple process:

1 - Create an account,
2 - Customize the lines and titles to your liking (delete, modify, add, etc..),
3 - Once your checklist done and reread, choose the quantity you want,
4 - Confirmed the order, you pay and that's it!
5 - You will receive in a few days your checklist (s) to the desired address.

Specifications :

Size: 3.6 x 8.8 inch.(9 x 22 cm) when closed and 7.2 x 8.8 inch.(18 x 22) cm when opened.
Number of pages: 16 laminated pages.
Binding: metal spiral.

Price for 16 pages checklist :

- 1 to 4 copies: 23.00 €. / U.
- 5 to 9 copies: 21.00 €. / U.
- Over 10 copies: € 19.00. / U.

2 pages more (18 pages): + 3,00 €
4 pages more (20 pages): + 5,00 €

Excluding shipping